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Young Women's Christian Council-COGIC Alabama One

Church of God in Christ, Alabama Jurisdiction #1 • Missionary Betty J. Byrd, State YWCC President • • /ywcc/cogic/alabama one

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The YWCC Organization

The Young Women"s Christian Council is an organization of young women, 18-40 married or single, whose prime purpose is to dedicate themselves in an effort to give greater Christian service. This is the training and development center for the Women's Work in the Church of God in Christ. The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) Here they are trained to be auxiliary leaders, prayer warriors, good homemakers, lovers of their own husbands, ministers? wives, and mighty women in Zion.

There is no limit to the contributions of the Church's mission if this group is well organized. They should be an asset to the local church, the pastor, the district, the state and also the national work. The YWCC is an alert group of women, close observers who are on the lookout for opportunities to minister and to express themselves in constructive ways.

In addition to spiritual growth and development, there are other matters that are of vital concern to this age group: Find a mate, home building, decorating, meal planning, child care and development, teenage problems, marital problems, divorce, in-laws and many others. This group will explore the Christian approach to these life situations as well as discuss the Christian mode of conduct which must be practiced.

This organization promotes the idea that women can be actively involved in other areas of the church. Carrying on her work in the Young Women's Christian Council need not prevent a young woman from working in the educational departments of the church, such as the Sunday School and YPWW, or other departments or auxiliaries.

Click Here for list of officers and district presidents.

YWCC Objectives

1. The YWCC will become familiar with the basic doctrine, principles, and practices of the Church of God in Christ with scripture references; and be encouraged to spend quality time studying and practicing God?s Word, with regular fast days, being consistent and persistent in prayer.

2. The young women will be knowledgeable of the steps of soul winning with scriptural references.

3. YWCC shall offer support, counseling and prayer to single and/or divorced young women in every area of their lives.

4. To inspire and encourage young women to reaffirm their commitment to Christ.

5. The YWCC will provide classes to inform and update members of their responsibility in the home, church and community. Occasionally, conduct open forums to be monitored by designated persons.

6. As the YWCC holds family relationships in high esteem, this Unit will provide members with resources to help strengthen the family. We will present workshops and retreats, as well as current Christian literature and audio visual aides for improving the family relations.

7.This unit shall advocate living a Spirit controlled life which will enable young women to triumph in spiritual warfare.

8. To admonish young women to adhere to and uphold the traditions and customs of this church which are a part of our heritage.

9. To encourage young women to live a well balanced life which includes personal recreational time.

10. We shall endeavor to build self-esteem.

Click Here for calendar of state & district events.
The 3rd Annual State YWCC Workshop
Women's Conference 2001

Officers State President - Missionary Betty J. Byrd
Vice President - Missionary Nannie Fields
Secretary Treasurer - Missionary Henrietta Moton Workshop Coordinator - Missionary Nancy Bevelle Advisory Board President - Missionary Verganell Craig Advisory Board Vice President - Sister Lisa Jackson Music Coordinator - Sister Victoria McGowan Coordinator - "Mingling Singles" (Single's Gathering) Excercise/Fitness Program - Missionary Susan Snedecor

District YWCC Presidents

Anniston District - Missionary Angela Kelley
Bessemer District - Sister Linda Lofton
Brewton District - Sister

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