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international ministers fellowship

p.o. box 84,matunda kenya, east africa, • matunda, kenya 254 • Kenya • 254-733-838184/see/charmin/CM06210

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Dear brethren We greet you across much land and seas in the glorious name and love of Christ who has brought us into sweet fellowship. We, the entire fellowship and the staff of The Present Truth Ministries and the International ministers fellowship (I.M.F.) deeply appreciate your efforts in advancing the kingdom of God and ever since we came to know of you, we haven t ceased mentioning your name and work in our prayers. We have an international prayer link (prayer chain) whereby we come together as a fellowship and agree together and commit various needs of the body of Christ before the throne and then when we leave, everybody takes together with him a prayer request and continues praying. We have also an intercession network at phone; prayer link 254-733-838184 (24 hrs a day). Pastors may be you can fill us in a little bit in your next letter about your work so that we can pray more effectively may be if we could know a little abit above your ministry, your people and your country and what God is doing in your life there. Yes, it s a great blessing to know the difference between religion and a true in worshipper. There is a whole life difference in worshipping the faith in spirit and truth. That is how we tap into our lifeline, it is through that worship in the Holy Spirit of God. I will turn 32 on 16th June and God has placed on us a ministry for the maturity on the saints. We are not a large group, but we are a group who believes that we are called to world ministry to touch the world with the Kingdom of God and the principles of that Kingdom. We work very very hard for our missions. We work in parks, homes and car washes and also once a month we serve dinner to the public and all the proceeds go to missions. All through the year, we carry a tremendous load, but we are not carrying it alone, for the Lord is carrying the weighty part. Please commit this work also before the throne. Pastors with great respect and humility we would like to invite you to minister to our people in anyway the Lord will choose to use you. I t is always good to know what God is doing in the hearts of others as, well. I don t know what your itinerary says but we would like to welcome you this time to minister in Africa or may be you could consider sending one of the ministers or your associates there . We shall highly welcome this. The Lord is leading us into many things this year, so in our congregation we are really opening our hearts to the Lord to share new things with us and we believe this could be through your ministry, so may God richly bless you and the entire ministry as you put this request into consideration. I will fill you in a little bit later about our international ministers fellowship (I. M. F.) we have here. Greet your family and all the saints there. In bonds of love. BISHOP S.O MAC ONYANGO. __________________________________________________

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