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Christian Youth Ministries

580 Marshall Dr. (Worship Center), 1112 N. Detroit St. (office) • Xenia, OH 45385 • United States • 1-937-376-3134/see/charmin/CM06113

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Our Mission Statement

We believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We are focused on leading teens to Christ through music, speeking and more. We believe that the Bible is Gods word we do NOT add or take out any thing from it. We exist as a Bible Beliving Christians, focused on Christ and living for Him and Worshiping Him, Our goal is to lead teens to Christ. We work with the age groups from 12-25 Need More info, or a map to us, Give us a call or an e-mail and we would reply as fast as we can

Next Youth Worship Service

Howdy ya'll, thanks for visiting our site, we thank God for Net Ministries. If you would like to give a donation to us or net ministry just mail it to our address and mark what ministry you would like your money to go to, and they will recieve it. Well hey thought I'll let you know when our next meeting is March, 1, 02 in Febuary we will be going to the gathering grounds on the 25th. So come on out and worship with us. Have a great year, God Bless Andrew Yates[youth pastor] <><----------------------><> Christian Youth Ministries President/Assistant Youth Pastor-Tyler Smith - Youth Pastor-Andrew Yates ______________________________________________________________________our other Ministries ROCK THE HOUSE-is a ministry of ours focused on worshiping through music UNDERGROUND- underground is juat starting, we show teens a skit and then I speak and we do an activity to see a little what a UNDERGROUND Christian would have to face. We go on mission trip to other countries and lead people to Christ our Lord. *NEW LIFE WORSHIP CENTER- has not started- will be a non-denominational church. _________________________FROM THE YOUTH PASTOR_______________________ Hey guys thanks for coming out. Ya know Christ has blessed CYM so much, some times he opens doors to let us peak in and then he say hay buddy thats not yours, but I got something better over here. Satan in his eveal will, tries to stop CYM and other ministries focused on Christ. It's time we stand strong for Christ. As we say at CYM 'It feels like Satan has been living in my back pocket' our moto is, I WILL NOT LET SATAN WIN, I WILL NOT LET SIN OVER COME ME, I WILL LOOK SATAN IN THE EYES AND TELL HIM THAT I HAVE NO ROOM IN MY LIFE FOR HIM. And its a bout time that Christian's stand up and say that. Through CYM there has been 26 teens lead to Christ in 6 months, eather from our meetings or me speeking at churches. So keep on praying, and seek Christs face, not his hands. If You would like prayer e-mail us with your prayer and leave your # and a time to reach you and we will contact you. Andrew Yates[youth pastor] _____________________FROM THE President OF CYM________________________ unable to put up meesage yet, sorry:( <><-<><-<><-<><-<><-<><-<><-<><-<><-<><-<-<><-

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