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7003 WEST MOUNT DRIVE, • ROCKY MOUNT, NC 27803 • United States • 252-443-5163/see/charmin/CM06106

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Open Door Ministers to the specific needs of Truckers, building and utilizing mobile chapels. Services are held at truckstops. We are currently recruiting Chaplains to meet the spiritual needs of Truckers. Mobile Chapels are to be built to provide truckstop outreaches to the Truckers and travelers. The Trucking industry presents a wide open mission field. Truckers are being trained as evangelists to take the word of God with them as they travel the nation's highways.


Open Door Ministries is the name given to a group of partnering outreach ministries. The purpose of the ministry is to reach people at their level. Open Door is forming home Churches and training people to minister to others. We are looking to establish ministries that will remain small enough to be able to minister to all members. The emphasis is on quality, not quantity in ministry. Open Door is presently remodeling an old tavern building in Rocky Mount, North Carolina to be a coffee-house outreach and ministry center. Open Door will eventually ordain like-minded people who feel called of the Lord to reach out to people who do not attend regular Church services. It is the calling of Open Door Ministries to assist other ministries with meeting their callings. The overall purpose of this ministry is to take the gospel message to the empty, lonely, and hurting of this nation, wherever they may be. We feel as if the Lord is calling people to leave the safety of their comfort zones and take an adventure in faith. DO YOU FEEL THE CALL? CAN YOU SEE THE VISION?

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