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Ebenezer Temple Church of God in Christ

113 B North Velasco Street, • Angleton, TX 77515 • United States • (979) 798-5330/see/charmin/CM06102

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We are striving to win the lost to Christ through several avenues of Evangelism "one on one" "Door knockers" "Food & Clothes for thr needy" Hospital, Jail & Prison Ministries, but most of all just exemplifing Christ in our life that others may see the difference and know there is a higher height and a deeper depth and a broader demention in living the life that Jesus exemplified as He walked among men, and it is available to everyone th everyone that will love jesus enough to trust Him.

A Brief Church History

Fourteen years ago our Church had its humble beginning under a pecan tree in Bates Park Here in Angleton; Our Pastor Elder Sam Williams was led by God to go into this city and return the blessings of God, and Pastor obeyed the call while most people were saying it wouldn't last, God led Pastor to the "red lite" district where he stood in the street and preached salvation to the lost and many were saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Ghost, several folk were pronounced to die before daybreak but were healed and lived one man 12 years to be 94 years ole, another were told that he would live no more than 6 months, but is still living and is now a church trustee but the doctord said he would only live six months and that was in the year of 1988, God has wrought many miracles in this church and is still blessing here in "the church that Love is building" in 1993 we bought 3.873 acres of land and is getting ready to build a House of Worship to the Glory and Honor of God.

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