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It is purely Evangelical in nature with a high priority of Evangelizing all the nations according to the greet commission of our Iord Jesus (Mathew 28.18) (Mark 16 : 15)

It is an international and inter denominational Evangelical Movement with a great emphasis on soul winning. Consequently, employing various possible means to reach out to the dying, afflicted, and oppressed people in the word. And this will encourage seminars, crusades, , Conventions and other outreaches. It is an Evangelical Movement consisting of other integral and inseparable ministries working closely together with a unified effort in realizing of the mandate of Christ. VISION OF THE MOVEMENT : 1) To preach the gospel in every nook and cranny of the world, that is to say in every village, town, and all nations (Mark 16:15). 2) To disciple the converts adequately, preparing them to conform to the biblical standards and preparing them for the works of service (Eph. 4:11-14) (Eph 2:10) This has occasioned the setting up of ZION EVANGELICAL CHAPEL. An arm charged to fulfil these responsibilities. 3) To recruit, train and send those who are sincerely called into the ministry to various mission fields and this has led to the establishment of ZION WORLD MISSION OUTREACH. `'For every one who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. How then, can they call on the one they have not believed in ? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them ? And how can they preach unless they are sent ? As it is written how beautiful are the feet of those who bring goodnews. `'(Rom 10 :13-15). 4) Due to the fact that prayer is highly indispensable for an effective Christian service and in view of the spiritual inclined nature of the Movement. ZION PRAYER NETWORK is set up with the express goal of supporting the ministries prayerfully. It links itself with other world prayer network in combating against the kingdom of darkness and liberating the elects of God. 5) In view of the biblical recommendation of proverbs 22:6 which says `' Train a child in way he should go and when he is old, he will not turn from it'' ZION ACADEMY becomes a necessity to give children that essential preliminary knowledge of God for their spiritual growth and advancement. This biblical orientation given to then in this earliest stage will serve as a pivot towards their formal secondary and university education in future. Evidently there is moral and spiritual decadence in some of our higher institutions due to negligence at the early beginning. 6) ZION BUSINESS LINE is designed to create numerous job opportunities to the people of God in their various skills and field of expertise thereby reducing considerably the detrimental consequence of poverty : And as well respond to the colossal financial involvement in evangelistic and missionary endeavours of the Movement. 7) It is an evident fact in Christian circle that Music is an integral part of every effective and vital christian services, this branch is set up for teaching the ministerial personnel and very interesting peson (s) music by competent hands leading to the formation of ZION MUSIC ACADEMY. 8) ZION EVANGELISTIC BAND is given birth to serve in every Christian services. And by its nature of operation, it is made available to every Christian group that may be in need of their services and will equally serve as a power arm in every Zion Evangelistic Campaigns. 9) Over the years, the increasing level of literacy in the world has inescapably occasioned publication of Christain books, magazines and literature etc which indisputably has been one of the most tools in reaching the unreached in the intellectual circle. As a result Zion Publication House is created as a power evangelistic outreach. 10) Zion Audio-Visual Recording House is created to work in conjunction with other arms in recording every one of their activities and programmes and to make it available to the membership as well as any interesting person(s). 11) For the exclusive purpose of lunching evangelistic campaign in form of crusades, conference and seminars etc Zion Evangelistic Movement is given birth, in order to ensure that every nook and cranny and people of all races hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus. 12) With a noble goal of reaching every working class from the highest to the least and businessmen who due to the nature of their works and business are considerably restricted or those lacking the time to attend Christian gatherings ZION LETTER-MESSAGE OUTREACH is given birth in order to give an equal privilege to the above-mentioned person (s) by sending regular messages exclusively based on the word of God though various means such as Post, Fax, Telex, E-mail and Internet etc. 13) ZION CHARITY HOME as the name implies is created to help people in needs, take care of Children in the streets, do some humanitarian and social works with a view of showing the Warm love of Jesus Christ to the world.


It is said that a tree cannot make a forest. Therefore, we need one another for unity is the secret of success. Owing to this indisputable fact, Zion Evangelical Movement International has opened widely its door to accept partnership from individuals. Churches, Ministries, Charities and Organizations of Christain faith .

Hence forth, try to discover this innovative avenue of partnering with us in the accomplishment of God's work on earth. . Essentially, there are ten categories of Associate members as listed below. SHARE BUILDERS HELPERS SPONSORS FRIENDS ANONYMOUS DONERS PARTNERS INVESTORS VOLUNTEERS COLLABORATORS REPRESENTATIVES You can become one of our Associate members according to your indicated choice. Ask for an Associate Brochure and become one of us today ! Contact us Email : Zioneva @

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