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First Christian Church

306 N. Second St., • Stilwell, OK 74960 • United States • 918-696-7241/see/charmin/CM06024

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Youth Ministry @ FCC

Upcoming Events: 1.December 19th from 6:00pm - 9:00pm Christmas Caroling for the Shut-Ins and a White Elephant party afterwards. Lots of fun for the Wednesday night youth group. 2. CIY "BELIEVE" At Joplin Missouri is coming up fast. All those who are in Jr. High need to be signed up PRONTO!. This will be February 8-10. We will stay at the Holiday Inn. 3. The 30 Hour Famine is also coming up fast. Raising sponsorship will begin in January. Our day of fasting will be Febuary 22-23. Let's make some noise that will be heard around the world!

Other Fun Stuff

1. Becuase of the grand success of Jr. High lock-in and the game called "gargoyles". We will be setting dates to play gargoyles in the near future. 2. High school and older will be going to Ft. Smith for Cosmic Bowl night. This is bowling with a twist or I should say a black light that makes everything glow, its way cool you gotta be there. 3. DragonRaid will also be on the way. This is a christian roleplaying game that teaches christian values through memorization and application of scripture. This is a great way to learn God's word and see how to apply it in real life situations. COME JOIN THE FUN!

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