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Helping needy children

The Fishers of Men Ministries is a non-profit Christian Organization registered in Kenya with a call of reaching the unreached in the villages of Kenya with the Powerful true gospel of Jesus Christ. Our main call is to help the very poor children in the rural areas (villages) who have been completely forgotten. These children because of poverty end up in the streets of the major cities therefore becoming street children. They come to the streets to look for food. The come to look for food in the streets because many organizations feed the street children in the streets. This encourages more street children to come to look for food. When the street children are grown and they can not beg for food anymore, they become thiefs. Thats why the security in the Kenyan major cities are really bad. The way the Fishers of Men is approaching this issue is by starting mission centers where by we provide two meals a day, provide regular primary (elementary) education, provide clothing for these poor children. This makes us able to teach them the word of God. We have about five hundren children in our mission centers who for the first time have a place to call home. This love and the new way of approaching this issue is making these children to stop sniffing glue, which is a drug and it makes them high. We have over half a million poor children in Kenya who are suffering. We need help from people who care like you, so that we can help these poor children to be able to have normal life like the other children in the other parts of the world. We are looking and praying for sponsors who can sponsor a child per month. Twenty-five dollars will take a child to school, feed the child two meals a day, buy uniforms and books. Three hundred dollars will take care of a child a whole year. We have all the pictures of the children and we take new pictures every year, but the child writes to the sponsor three or at least two times a year. May the Lord bless you as you help us to show love to the children and preach the gospel to them.


Our call is to reach the unreached. Many people in the African cities have already heard the gospel. Many preachers go to the cities to start churches because there are better offerings. The Lord has called us to reach the people in the slums of Kenya and the rural areas. At present our ministry has 30 full time evangelists, and pastors and we have also planted over 20 churches.

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