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Light House Ministries

P.O.Box 1702, • Decatur, IL 62525-1702 • United States • 217-471-3818/see/charmin/CM05993

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The Ministry

Lighthouse Ministries raise money to help run an organization that helps the Community of Central Illinios. The bible tells us that we should helpers one to another so we are helping by feeding those whomare less fortunate,providing temporary housing for those who cant find a place to stay,reaching out to our youth with after school programing,providing clothes for those who need them, and by providing education to help people in the community find better jobs. We also go to other parts of the world and do community services for a week at a time. We have gone to places like Florida and helped out the Boys and girls club,we've gone to Texas to help out T.D. Jakes Ministries,we've been to New Oreleans and helped a ministry similar to our called Bridge House, and many others.

The Vision

Our Leader and founder Pastor Charles Bell has a vision for The Light House Ministries. The vision he has is a Costly adventure but it will help thousands of people from all over have better lives. We are trying to buy a facility for better housing and to expand our teaching and youth activities. We need to increasing our staffing to help out in the new areas of ministry. Our goal is 2.5 Million Dollars. Which will cover Vans,new facility,Supplies,Clothes,and paying our workers from the community that work under our staff. We have a few volunteers and a few hired workers that drive the vans and do other neccesary work for the Ministry. We are asking for your help and support. Our Pastor has a great vision that will come to past. He is a very young man and he has the people at heart. He is not on the payrole which most othe pastors in the community are but are Pastor costantly put the money that we bless him with back in to the minsitry and we thank God for this man of God. Please send a donation and if you can't please pray for the success of Light House Minsitries

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