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We have been doing the ministry among poor and needy people of this region. Many poor and orphaned children are under our care and we are imparting education and medical assistance as lord provides. At present we are bussyly engaged in consturciton of a Church building in the campus and a Home for the orphans. We need to undertake the construction for old aged people. We are praying that the lord may provide finances to take up this task. Please pray and participate in this noble cause.


I thank the lord for this time of communication with your esteemed presence. I am working for the lord in this part of the country after I resigned from 25 years of service in a Defence undertaking. God called me to carry out His love and compassionto the perishing souls of this nation. Since 1994, I am constantly visting and encouraging people from all races to embrass the Lord as their personal saviour. Because of that job, I could able to win several souls for the Lord. Now at one of the villages where we are working, several souls received lord as their personla saviour. The name of the village is BANTUPALLI. We need to take up an urgent House of Prayer to worship the lord along with new beleivers. We have procured land but we need finances to startup. Please pray forthis project. The estimated cost of the project is $5000/= us dollars. This is possible if every one who knows lord as their savious come forward to lift their helping hand in this project. In case you are interested, please feel free to contact us at the folloiwng address. Ours is a voluntary Christian Organisation who enjoys the Income tax exemption, Permission to get funds from abroad for meeting the goals of the ministry. Please write us if you are inspired to help in the work of the Lord. LAND TO PROCURE; T-day we have concluded a deal to purchase 2 acreas of land to bnuild a bible training school in andhra pradesh. A total amount of $7000/= required by the end of December 2001. Please pray that we may be able to gather this much amount by the end of December. We need your earnest prayers and some gifts towrds acquiring the land for the ministry in india. REV. Y BENJIBAB PRADEEPNAGAR INDUSTRIAL ESTATE (po) VIZIANAGARAM 535 004 ANDHRA PRADESH. INDIA With kind regards REV. Y BENJIBAB

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