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Olde Culdee Church - Christian Almshouse

American Missionary Office, P.O. Box 11562 • Waco, TX 76716 • United States • 254-808-1818/see/charmin/CM05933

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Olde Culdee Church [Ealde Culdee Kirke]

Ealde Culdee Kirke [Olde Culdee Church] has been established since approximately 37 A.D. Now found in America in many locations and throughout the world, this Missionary Office of the Olde Culdee Church [established at Waco, Texas] is called by the Lord primarily serving His missionary and evangelical needs; performing the Sacraments, teaching and leading God's children into a direct relationship with the Lord. Founded upon Joseph of Arimathea's planting of the Gospel in Glastonbury, England circa 37 A.D.; and thereafter carried on by St. Columcille in 530 A.D., the Ealde Culdee Kirk [Olde Culdee Church] through Christian Almshouse and the Iona Scottish Missionary Society are called by the Lord to preach the Gospel in America and to the uttermost parts of the earth by teaching classes on the early roots of Christianity in Glastonbury England and the Isle of Iona, Scotland. We also hold classes and seminars on corporation sole church and ministry organization; Literal translation of Aramaic Gospel manuscripts; Home church planting; and conduct a Healing Davidic harp ministry using ancient proto-Hebraic and Aramaic sounds [Aramaic Translation website:]

We are sent by the Lord from Iona Abbey, St. Oran's Chapel, Isle of Iona, Argyll PA766SN Scotland and welcome all enquiries for information. You may request a FREE copy of the ANNIVERSARY ISSUE of the Iona Scottish Missionary Society Mission bi-monthly newsletter and a schedule of up-coming seminars and classes by sending an e-mail to The ANNIVERSARY Issue features an in-depth discussion of Joseph of Arimathea planting the Christian faith in Glastonbury, England in approximately 37 A.D., and is followed by an article on St. Columcille establishing over 100 churches in the 5th century from his missionary base on the Isle of Iona throughout the highlands of Scotland. The bi-monthly newsletter is designed to assist ministries and missionaries called by the Lord throughout the world, focussing in each issue upon a historical study of at least one noted missionary for the Lord, administrative resources, evangelism tools and other suggestions which will be of interest to each of God's sons and daughters called to plant His faith and establish His Kingdom on this earth.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your families. Amen.

In His Service

Pastor Geoffrey benRichard barAbba
Associate Pastor Gary Lee
Olde Culdee Church, Christian Almshouse Mission
Iona Scottish Missionary Society
Domiciled At: Iona Abbey, St. Oran's Chapel
Isle of Iona, Argyll PA766SN Scotland

Olde Culdee Church-Christian Almshouse are members in or affiliated with:
Council for World Missions [London]; Church Action on Poverty [Manchester, UK];
Evangelical Alliance [London]; National Religious Leaders Network; Friends of ACTS
Scottish Chruches House; FaithShare Partners [Board of World Missions,
Church of Scotland]; Centre for Rural Missions;; and
Christian Minister's Association.

Here is a short list of resources:

Some Great Books Concerning Joseph of Arimathea and St. Columcille:
1. Traditions of Glastonbury by E. Raymond Capt [ available at]
2. Celt, Druid and Culdee by Isabel Hill Elder [available at]
3. The Origin and Early History of Christianity in Britain by Andrew Gray, D.D. [ available at]
4. St. Paul in Britain by R.W. Morgan [ available at]
5. The Mysteries of Britain by Lewis Spence [available at]
6. St. Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury by Lionel S. Lewis [available at]
7. Dedicate Disciples by Henry W. Stough [ available at]
8. Spes Scotorum, Hope of Scots : Saint Columba, Iona and Scotland by Dauvit Broun (Editor), Thomas Owen Clancy (Editor) Paperback - 338 pages (September 1999) T&t Clark Ltd; ISBN: 0567086828 [available at]
9. The Life of Columba by Adamnan, John Gregory (Translator) Hardcover (May 1999) Anthroposophic Pr; ISBN: 0863152880 [available at]
10. Adomnan of Iona : Life of St. Columba (Penguin Classics) by Richard Sharpe (Translator) Paperback (November 1995) Penguin USA (Paper); ISBN: 0140444629 [available at]
11. Columba-The Celtic Dove by Kathie Walters, J. Lee Grady 96 pages (November 1999) Good News Ministries; ISBN: 1888081538 [available at]

Some Great Websites To Visit Are:

Re: Joseph of Arimathea

Re: Iona and St. Columcille

Re: Culdee

Re: Church of Scotland

History of the Iona Scottish Missionary Society

Greville Ewing founded the Edinburgh Tract Society, later the Scottish Missionary Society in 1796. Greville Ewing (1767-1841), born in Old Greyfriars Edinburgh, became an early supporter of Missions and of Congregationalism in Scotland. With William Carey [a Father of Modern Missions], he was a founder member and the first secretary of the Edinburgh (later Scottish) Missionary Society, formed in March 1796. In July 1796 he helped found the Missionary Magazine and was joint editor till 1799. The Iona Scottish Missionary Society bi-monthly newsletter is intended to carry on this valuable work of Brother Ewing. Upon an approved application, completion of extensive study and a personal interview, Olde Culdee Church ordains and sends out Missionaries for the Lord on behalf of the Iona Scottish Missionary Society to locations where the Missionaries are called. You may request such an Application for Appointment and Ordination by e-mail at

Each Ordained Missionary receives a Certificate of Ordination suitable for framing and a picture ID card from the Olde Culdee Church issued on behalf of the Iona Scottish Missionary Society.

Simple membership in the Iona Scottish Missionary Society without Appointment and Ordination as a Missionary is also open to all Christian believers. A Certificate of Membership, suitable for framing, and an Iona Scottish Missionary Society picture ID issued by Olde Culdee Church is also provided, upon receipt of a completed Request for Membership.

COMPLETE details are provided in the ANNIVERSARY edition of the Newsletter.

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