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New Jerusalem Ministries

2749 S 4th Street, Apt A • Springfield, IL 62703 • United States • 217 652-0423

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This ministry started off in 1989 as a southern gospel music ministry known as The New Jerusalem Singers. We have had the opportunity to minister the Gospel through music in churches with various affiliations, as well as independent churches. Our group members all have a background in field ministry as well as pastoral ministry. Therefore we know what it's like to pastor a church with the challenges today's society brings.

The New Jerusalem Singers are comprised of Ray Spellbrink, who sings lead and plays bass, Cindy Spellbrink, who plays keyboard/guitar and sings alto and Bob Moore who plays guitar. Together it is our utmost desire to lift HIM up. We have a passion for ministry. It is our desire to encourage the Body of Christ.

We do not set a "fee" for ministry. We have never been comfortable with this concept. We firmly believe God will supply all our needs...and He has through the love offerings and donations of others. We especially enjoy ministering in smaller churches who oftentimes do not have the financial capabilities to afford to bring in a music group. Please do not be concerned about financial arrangements with us. If you are interested in us coming to your church, special event, function or whatever else you may desire good Southern Gospel music, feel free to give us a call.


A very important part of our vision for this work is to be involved in a ministerial restoration ministry. We feel that God has raised us up to minister to hurting and/or "burned out" ministers. We know what it is like to be hurting due to others' constant criticism, demonic attacks, being kicked while down or just plain being Spiritually tired. Sometimes a minister needs a place to get away, someone to talk to who won't criticize him/her, or just to hear a friendly voice. We feel this is to be a very important part of this ministry's outreach.

We do not believe God has any "Lone Rangers" in His Kingdom. We are to work together to win this world to Jesus one by one. The point at which a minister thinks that he/she does not need anyone else is tragic. God did not give the church a one-fold ministry, but rather a five-fold minstry. In fact, there are other ministry gifts given to the church besides the five-fold ministry.

A portion of the vision of New Jerusalem Ministries is to assist ministers in their call. We know what it is to have a call on your life and have no one there to provide direction. We know what it is to be down and have no one there to reach out their hand to assist you in getting you back on your feet. If God called you He will equip you to accomplish that which He has called you to do.

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