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Primary Vision Ministries

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This ministry began in Northern Ireland in 1991. Founded by Rev Steve Mitchell a Minister and an Evangelist.

The ministry has gone into primary schools on a daily basis to help support the teaching of Religious and Moral Education. The vehicle of the National Curriculum for this subject is the vehicle used.

The aim of each lesson is inform boys and girls of the life changing message of the bible, as taught by the standards, example and lifestyle of the most important person to ever live, Jesus Christ.


The ministry trains leaders and Sunday School teachers through the "That They May Know" programme. This programme has one aim TEACHING FOR A RESPONSE from the boys and girls.

Secondly the ministry supports churches of all denominations with their own ministry to boys and girls. Teaching and preaching at weekends for other age groups is also provided.

Lastly the ministry provides seminars on the DOOR KNOCKING CULTS Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses through Knock Knock Who'There Seminars

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