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Refuge of Mercy Evangelistic Ministries

3232 S. Clifton,Lot 71, P.O. Box 16742 • Wichita, Ks 67216 • United States • 316-807-1889/see/charmin/CM05892

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Refuge of Mercy Ministries Statement of Faith

Refuge of Mercy Evangelistic Ministries-El Camino, Inc.
Statement of Faith

We believe that God made and call every man or woman regardless of their backgrounds or previous life experiences, with a specific and well define Plan, Purpose and Destiny, and that at Refuge of Mercy Ministries we will assist them in the process of finding it and achieving it.

We believe that it is God's will for every person to seek him and serve him with everything he or she has, without reserve.

We believe that the blood of Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God shed on Calvary to pay for our sins, is more than sufficient to clean us from any sin, wicked ways, and to heals us from any sickness or to deliver us from any demonic opression/possesion.

We believe that God has a special interest on healing all the wounds on people's hearts, and that he uses his Holly Spirit to bring complete inner restoration to their souls.

We believe that with God's great Grace and Mercy, every person can develop his or her God given potential, talents and abilities.

We believe that once a person receives Jesus as Personal Savior, and becomes born again, God provides everything need it, including wisdom; to succeed, to be more than conqueror, to change and to move on in life.

We Believe that God has placed already inside of his children his own essence, the best of himself, his Holly Spirit, and that with God we have everything we need in life.

Finally, We believe that in Christ Jesus, we as believers, have an eternal security that we are save and that no one will take us or separate us from his hands.

Refuge of Mercy Ministries Mission Statement

Refuge of Mercy Ministries Mission Statement
Our mission is to be a City of Refuge of God for many who are broken, wheter by pain, sickness or hurt aflicted by others. Our mission is to care for them, protect them, cover their wounds and heal them. We seek to raise the trust of those that have been hurt by others, knowing that we can not fail, because for many, failure would be the end. Our purpose is to preach the glorious gospel of love and restoration to those hurt and fallen using church services, revivals, seminars and special events. Also the Church will share to everyone who listens that God has a plan a purpose and a destiny for them and that with Christ all things are possible.

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