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Living Stream little Sisters Nuns

Periwinkle Resedence, 37187 Kilgaard Rd • Abbotsford.B.C, AB V3G 2H6 • Canada • 6045570072/see/charmin/CM05842

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All things fory the Glory of God.

We are the Living Stream little Sisters-BR- And although we are only 16yrs old,-BR- Most of the Sisters have been in the religious life since they were very young Women,-BR- And we are blessed by them-BR-We are a nonprofit group and help all in need-BR- We are suported by the products we make -BR- And those who donate either time or $ -BR-We have taken a vow of poverty and we do our best to make sure any help we recive is for those who need it-BR-However we do need to apply some of that help to the obvious need-BR- Sisters in Christ.

We are the Lords Harvest

When we do for anyone -BR-We do for the Lord Jesus-BR-We are an order that belives in the Power Of Prayer-BR- We need to carry on with our work -BR- Ministry and Help-BR- We ask the lord Provides.-BR-God Bless all of you

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