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heart to heart welfare association

po box no 7, • jaggampet, andhra pradesh 533435 • India • 08868 29842/see/charmin/CM05723

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pastors working among forest people

- 1. Jaggampet area -pastors A. Raju babu,Moshe,V.Ratnam,John gt roy,N.Anad shekar,B.Yosepu,Ch.Abraham samuel,G.Manohar,Jaya raju,,Pethuru,K. Jaya Raju, K.John Daniel,and Bible woman A.Margit Rose and ch.Paramjyothi..

2.Gokavaram area -pastors K.Abraham,P. George, satyanarayana, Jangamayya,Suvarthamma.

3.R.Chodavaram area - pastors yohan reddy,john reddy,stefen reddy,arohan reddy,krupa reddy,nirmal raju,yona reddy,barnabas,samuel reddy.

4.Addatheegala area -pastors T.pandu dora,Ch.bulli dora,jangam samuel,V.manohar,bhushanam,N.yesuratnam,V.sanjeev rao,daiva sunder, and bible women N.satyavathi,V.rebacca.

5. Palakonda area: pastors - K.Moshe,P.Samuel,K.John Moses,K.Timothi,P. Samson,P. Victor,G.Ravi,K.John,K. Benson,Ananda rao,Amruth rao.

6.Anakapalli area: pastors - S.victor David and Israel.

areas 6 in number

. 1. Jaggampet area where 13 preachers working, 2. Gokavaram area where 7 preachers working, 3. Kakavada area where 9 preachers working, 4. Rajavommangi area where 6 preachers are working, 5. Palakonda area where 11 preachers are working. Almost all of them were saved in this ministry.

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