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Bishop Howells' No More Defeats Ministries

1373 Lees Chapela Rd suit C-103, • Greensboro, NC 27455 • United States • 336 255-1857/see/charmin/CM05722

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Unifying the Body of Christ

Bishop Howells' No More Defeats Ministries sole purpose is to unify the body of Christ in the earth realm in to stronger edification of body ministries to the saints and to win souls to Christ as we set the captives free from satanic oppression, depression, and Possession.

To educate the body of Christ in spiritual Warfare and in true Bible Doctrains, such as the gifts of the spirit and the functions church offices. To facilitate the function of the body of Christ as indented by the Lord and savior Jesus the Christ. To appoint and Ordain apostles, Bishops, Pastors, preaches, Teachers, Ministers, Evangelist to carry out the same purpose Christ, effectively producing much fruit unto the Lord Jesus the Christ as under Shepard's administrating the body of Christ in the earth realm.

Edification Through Net-working

Establishing New Chruches and Net-working already established Churches and ministries in the fellowship of the Spirit of Christ, and helping ministers reach their God given goals.

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