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Conference of Old Catholic and Orthodox Bishops

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Conference of Old Catholic and Orthodox Bishops

Christ's Apostolic Old Catholic Church of the Americas, under the Apostolic direction of Archbishop and Primate George J. Drozd, D.D., Psy.D., announces the formation of the Conference of Old Catholic and Orthodox Bishops (COCOB).

This Holy Conference of Bishops will serve as a Magisterial Body, seeking first and foremost to protect, defend and promulgate the divinely inspired truths of Almighty God, as handed down by our Lord Jesus Christ during His Earthly ministry, and faithfully preserved by and transmitted through the Holy Apostles and their blessed and lawful successors under the sustaining guidance of the Holy Spirit. This Conference will also serve as the primary vehicle and forum for a bona fide ecumenical dialogue with other Catholic and Christian denominations. Although such a dialogue needs to be moderated with clarity toward all, it must always remain foremost steadfast in its adherence to the Sacred Scripture and Apostolic Tradition.

All validly consecrated successors of the Holy Apostles, pledging themselves to the Sacred Scripture and the deposit of Apostolic Tradition, as well as claiming unreserved adherence to the Apostles, Athanasian and Nicene Creeds and the teachings ofthe first Seven Councils of the undivided Christian Catholic Church, are invited to participate in this Holy endeavor.

Additional information can be secured by contacting the Most Reverend George J. Drozd, D.D., Psy.D. at

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