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Why we need to reach out to China?

A few years ago, God moved my heart to commit myself in the China mission. Somebody asked why I have to choose China but not other nearby countries like Thailand, Indonesia, or Burma and so on. China is so big and so lacking in many expects. Especially under the rule of Communism, it may post danger in our work. Nevertheless, for these few years as I have been involved in the China mission, I am convinced of the desperate need of this mission field. It makes us feel urgent and worried. No doubt I have encountered quite a numbers of problems and difficulties, yet the Lord continue to strengthen me and uphold my zeal and my faith for China.In fact there are two reasons that have convicted me.

1. China greatly needs our helps.

(A) First, China is the biggest mission field. According to a survey, the world population is about 6 billion, and China has about 1.2 billion, which is equal to one-fifth of world population. For every three unbelievers, one is Chinese. No doubt, China has greater needs according to this statistic. (B) China is an out- standing mission field. As we read China history, we realize that China has been under the influence of feudalism and the rule of totalitarian, and has gone through difficult times. But we can see God's mighty work in China which has never been stopped. On the contrary Christianity grows very fast. Since the rule of the communist party in 1949, Chinese Christian experienced the greatest oppression in its history. With the death of Communist Party leader Mao Zhe Dong, it seemed like religious freedom was backed on stage. But actually China has not obtained true freedom in religion. Many churches became the "puppets?of the Communists. We may think that Christianity will die out in such a situation. However the statistics show us that the growth of the Christianity was enormous. From about a hundred thousand believers in 1949 it grew to about 10 million today. It is so amazing to see God's almighty works in china. The Lord has shown us the biggest mission field of the 21st century. Will you show your love and extend your helping hand to fill the great needs of the China churches? 2. China is our inescapable responsibility. As Chinese, we have another special reason to be keen to be involved in China mission. We are the descendants of Tiong Hua nation. We are called the children of the "Yellow Emperor.?If we talk about national boundaries, surely we are different from them. But undeniably we have the same blood lineage because China is the land of our ancestors. As coming from the same root, they are considered our kindred. As Christians, we believe that anything that happen in our lives will never be out of God's plan. So, we should also believe that God wants us to be in the Chinese race is to serve a certain purpose. We can choose to become a different nationality or live in a different country, but we have no other choice to be Chinese that with black hair, brown eye and yellow skin. Because of this reason, I believe we have greater responsibility to help our brethren in China by bringing the goodness of the gospel back to our "root? or ancestry land. A good example can be found in the Bible. Apostle Paul was born as a Jew. But he was a Roman citizen. Lets see what he says in Rom.9:3? "For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh.?Paul's ministry was aimed at the Gentiles, yet he was very concerned for his Jewish brethren. Two hundred years ago, God called the western missionaries to reach out to the Chinese. For the gospel's sake they wore robes, tighten their hair into pigtails, and even they were willing to lay down their lives for the people in China. In recent years, God raised up Korean missionaries to commit themselves to the China mission. It is unbelievable that today Korean missionaries in China are even more than the total number of Chinese missionaries in the whole world according to survey. Referring to Jesus Great Commission, any Christian in the world could have responsibility for China. But I believe that we overseas Chinese who have the same blood with the Chinese in China, should bear even greater responsibility. No doubt, the harvest is plenteous but the labors are few. May the Lord raise up His people and His church around this region to work together in the China Mission. My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, are you still hesitating? The Lord says we can do greater thing for Him. And we can believe that reaching out to China is the great job that He laid before us. May the calling of God come upon you today. Amen.

Mission Statement

Brief Introduction

We are a group of Christian who are committed in China Mission. We work to fulfill an ultimate goal, which is "the Evangelization of China, the Kingdomization of Chinese Church, and the Christianization of Chinese culture." Our mission is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner stone. Therefore we uphold the fundamental doctrinal stand. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we help Chinese churches to grow healtily.

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