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Beloved in Christ,

"Greetings to you in the name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ"

I am Jimmy Chacko from BOMBAY, INDIA. My father Pastor P.T. Chacko is in Lord's service for the past 22 years in different parts of Kerala State. At present he is ministering at a place in Wayanad District, KERALA, INDIA.

My parents brought me up in Christian faith and values & I had the opportunity to attend Sunday School right from my child hood. At the age of 17, while listening to the gospel, Holy spirited worked in my heart. I got clear understanding about my sin and our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ. I could accept Him as my personal Saviour & Lord. Within a couple of months I obeyed Jesus Christ in the waters of baptism.

By the grace of God, I had done Bible studies from (Batchelor of Biblical Studies) along with my Graduation from India Theological Seminary, Mangalore, Karnataka State, INDIA. Since I did not commit myself for full time ministry & no clear call for the same, I came to Bombay in search of a job. Now, for the past 2 years, I am employed in a Private firm. Since my coming here, I am attending worship and all meetings along with the Brethren in New Bombay.

I had been to Wayanad, the place where my father is ministering about a month back. In that particular district of Kerala State I had the opportunity to visit few places where primitives of that place residing. I could understand that majority of them are still living in extreme poor conditions. My heart was moved to see their children even crying for food as their parents struggling to meet their basic necessities. It is very difficult for them to get a job as they are illiterate and got manners, which are very different from the literate class. They live in clusters and most of them takes alcohol which add to their woes.

These people known as "Adivasis" in vernacular language are living in extreme poor conditions during rainy season. They can not find job during this season and also their residence can not keep them warm during this season as most of them are covered with palm leaves. Their children often fall ill and they don't have access for proper medication also.

I felt that we have to serve God by extending helping hands to this poor and downtrodden. Lord has blessed us abundantly with sufficient material blessings and we ought to share a portion of it while doing His ministry. Lord has given me a strong feeling that I must serve Lord by extending helping hands to this poor people by providing sufficient food and rehabilitating these undernourished children.

We take it as a challenge to provide shelter, food & medication to these needy people. Solicit your prayerful support for this ministry. We would like to approach believers who are moved by the conditions of these suffering people and also those who would like to extend their financial support for this ministry.

We prayerfully hope that our Lord will make our endeavour successful and soothe many souls who are suffering in this manner, so we can share the love of Jesus Christ to them.

We request your valuable support for this ministry and please write to the undersigned with your valuable suggestion.

Awaiting to hear from you soon,

Yours faithfully,

My Addr0ess
POST BOX No. :13,
TEL : RES:  91 - 22 -769 8830 , OFFICE: 768 0556

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