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Chaplain Gary Taylor Ministries

Missionary Church @ Troy, 386 Third Avenue • Troy, NY 12182-3003 • United States • 518 237-6147/see/charmin/CM05597

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GREETINGS....Please contact Chaplain Gary Taylor if you are struggling with substance abuse, family, employment, housing and most important, your spiritual connection with God. Please understand, God is the answer to your problems, not us. We have VA Service Officers on staff and are prepared to assist you with your claims to the Department of Veteran Affairs. Our ministry offers 12-step recovery group and private. PTSD counseling as well as family and marriage counseling. God has called us to do this work for Him and we praise Him for it. Please contact our ministry or reach out to a spirit filled church in your area. We can be reached @ (518) 237-6147 or

                   Gary Taylor Ministries
                     386 Third Avenue
                    Troy N.Y. 12182-3003     

Who is Gary Taylor.........

Gary Taylor is an Ordained Christian Minister and former Director of Veteran Affairs (95-99), Rensselaer County N.Y. Chaplain Taylor is Outpost Leader amd New York State Coordinator for Point Man International Ministries. See:
Chaplain Taylor is a graduate(Ph.D.) of Lake Charles Bible College and Evangelical Theological Seminary (Dr.Div.) Most importantly, Gary Taylor is a Christian Veterans' Advocate and is dedicated to serving his fellow veteran and their families. Thank you for spendingtime on this site and please contact us for assistance.
"Serving Those Who Served"
Gary Taylor, Chaplain

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