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Ministry of Reconciliation Evangelism Int'l., Inc

Unit A 2nd Floor, 1291 JTL Building, Quirino Avenue, Kabihasnan • Paraaque City, Metro Manila 1700 • Philippines • (02)825-84-64/see/charmin/CM05577

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As an interdenominational - interchurch ministry with a focus on world evangelism, the MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION EVANGELISM INTERNATIONAL, INC. believes that the future and long-range accoplishment of the "Great Commission" rests in a partnership ministry with third-world nationals, whose burden is to reach their own nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To fulfill this mssion, M.O.R.E. recruits men and women, especially from third-world nations, sharpens their skills through training in practical evangelism, and then sends them out as M.O.R.E. supported evangelistic teams, helping local churches in their ongoing ministry of evangelism.


I. GOSPEL POP MUSIC CENTER - A place where you can be trained in effectively communicating the Gospel through Music & other performing arts.

II. M.O.R.E. Productions - Composed of different Christian Artists from different local churches and denominations working together as a Music Evangelistic Team. Conducts Concerts, Crusades & Workshop Tours. They also visit different churches on Sundays. Yours could be the next.

III. LOVE IN ACTION - It's more than just saying "Jesus Loves You!". An outreach for the truly needy children who are being supported in their schooling, food, clothing & spiritual growth.

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