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Lutheran Voluntary Services-Africa

P.O. Box 16607 Nairobi Kenya Africa, E-Mail > • Nairobi, Karen • Kenya • 254-02-883739/072-810427/see/charmin/CM05532

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The objective of this letter is to introduce to you the newly founded volunteer service organization non-governmental and non-profit oriented. Our main aim is to establish working relationships with your organization to strengthen our activities and support in areas we have common goals. Lutheran Voluntary Services is a church founded volunteer set-up with objectives incidental to mission extension and sustenance. We participate and coordinate group efforts in outreach ministries. Our strategy is to integrate community efforts in development and intervention as an integral part of holistic ministry. Our priority is to evangelize as well as take care of human body and mind. The activities involve;- (i). Identify, develop and sustain volunteer group effort in local and urban centers. (ii). Coordinate volunteer effort within Lutheran Church in Kenya and South Sudan. Our goal is to extend the activities to Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Eritrea. (iii) Facilitate outreach ministry (Lutheran Teaching, church planting and maintenance) in unreached areas by the gospel. (iv) Involve and coordinate local group participation in community intervention and development.Areas include, agriculture-food security, health, water & sanitation, education & social integration. (v). Mobilize locally available resources and donation from friends and humanitarian organizations with common goals to enhance goal accomplishment in gospel expansion and community intervention/development. (vi) Participate in rehabilitation initiative of the disadvantaged members of the society and community welfare. (vii). To enhance culture and through modified attitude by conducting christian teachings and meetings. (viii) Coordinate volunteer participation and procurement both local and international. (ix). Enhancing gender equality and participation in communal development and social activities. (x). Any other legal activity community oriented and incidental to the organization ideals. By this letter, I formally appeal to you to furnish us with relevant information in areas which we can cooperate to uplift the standards of living and practice in areas that are lucky to benefit from our activities. We are particularly interested in your support towards sending volunteers and donations for relevant projects. May we obtain details about projects you can fund and the procedures for fund application. Thank you very much and I look forward to your positive response. Africa is an area of opportunities which I am very positive your organization will enjoy exploiting objectively. May God bless your work and our effort. Yours faithfully > Mr.. Martin Akuku LVS- Secretary P.O Box 16607, NAIROBI-Kenya. E-Mail:

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