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May 2001 Newsletter

"Go and tell others that God has a body of believers in Rio Seco who desire to have their hearts changed. Who desire to be conformed into the image of Christ." This was a charge issued by the leader in the school we have in the Rio Seco prison. The purpose of the school is to train men to seek and pursue God through Jesus Christ, and this charge is evidence that the men are grasping the spiritual truths of God's Word and allowing God to move upon their hearts. I have just returned from Piura, Peru, where I minister in the prison "Rio Seco". I was blessed to have Ken Rester from First New Testament Church join me on this trip. Everyday we were in the school exhorting the brothers there in the school and in the yards several days preaching the Gospel. God moved mightily, we saw men saved and men baptized in the Holy Ghost. Through the week, men in the school began to understand that God is not untouchable and that we can walk with God, and that God requires us to walk with him (Micah 6:8). God also showed us that we must be the message, meaning we must walk in what we believe, not just proclaim it. He also showed us that in order for us to walk in that fullness we must lay aside the deeds of the flesh and cast down those thoughts that are contrary to what God would have us dwell upon. The Holy Ghost moved on the hearts of these men the last two days. I had received word that two brothers were bitter against one of the leaders I had left in charge, and they tried to fight him. I was going to have to discipline these brothers, but God moved, after the message, one of the men (Victor) came to me weeping. He said he desired to repent and to reconcile with the brothers, and the leader (Imar) stood up and asked for forgiveness for his bitterness towards Victor. Both men wept before God and the brothers. I knew however that there was one other brother (Hugo) who was in sin, but he came to me on the last day and asked me if he could repent and reconcile with the brothers also. When he stood before the brothers, he asked Imar to come to the front. Hugo started repenting, but he could do nothing but embrace Imar in many tears and with much sorrow. These men who were once hardened criminals with hearts of stone, are now children of God with hearts of flesh (Ez. 26)! The presence of God was so strong that the guard nervously stepped outside of the classroom. These men just learned that this is REAL LIFE! This first class is now preaching out in the yards and they will graduate in July, we will have close to 30 graduates. Please continue to pray that they always allow God to mold them and shape them into who He desires. Our leaders are getting the enrollment of students for our second school. Pray that revival will break out in Rio Seco, even among the guards. As always thank you for your support, for without you sending me, they can never hear. Those of you who have blessed us with your giving will have Peruvian men greet you in heaven and say thank you. Should you feel God would have you support us please make checks payable to "First New Testament Church" with "Gene Gayle missions" in the memo slot. Please pray for me and the up coming itinerary: June 30th through July 11th Rio Seco Prison Piura, Peru Sept. 1st through Sept. 12th Rio Seco Prison Piura, Peru an

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