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The purpose of "A Ray of Hope Foundation", is to become a charitable incorporation whose focus will be on social needs for the community at large. The services to be provided will include supportive and preventive services in the areas of: social services for women, children and families in the community. These services will provide children with programs in delinquency prevention: such as after school tutorials services, recreational services, and cultural activities. Education and awareness services will be provided in the areas of, HIV, drugs, teen pregnancy, school drop out prevention and more. The services that will be made available to women and families will include supportive family programs such as: parenting, social skills development, jobs referrals and skills workshops. In addition, counseling and foster care prevention services will be made available. Referrals for the above services will be made to outside agencies.

This mission will be supported by non-profit fundraising activities, and submission of grant proposals to private and governmental entities at city, state and federal levels.

I need all the help you can give me.

I've come from an alcoholic and drug abuser family. Becasue of this and a marriage that amost lead me to suicide, I went crazy. After spending almost a Year in a mental institution in my Country Puerto Rico. God did a great miracle in my life and using another person in a greater and worst condition that I was in he save me and heal me. After two weeks of this crazy lady speaking to me he deliver me from this nut house and put me in grace for a new life, with my kids back a job, a new car, every thing new in my house. He did like Job.

Because I feel greatful in a inmense way I have dedicated my life since 1995 to help other's, especially women's and children's. But people say that why you don't incorporate and make things more official so we can give you fundings. This is why I have come to ask for your help. Thank you for being a caring christian organization and for believing in this little ones that don't have the facilities to grow.

Thank you once again and may God bless your agency and prosper you all with His riches in heaven. God Bless. Please confirm ASAP

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