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Temple Church of God

P.O. Box 2001, • Willingboro, NJ 08046 • United States • (609) 877-3709/see/charmin/CM05403

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Temple Church of God


Temple Church and Ministries

"Grace, Faith, Wisdom, and Service!"
an assembly for believers on the move
The Church is not, Wood, Mortar or Stone,
We are Spirit, Flesh, and Bone.


We've been waiting for you! It's true
because we believe that every person
who comes into the circle of this
special fellowship was sent by God
himself. It's not by accident that we
have the joy of meeting you.

So above all else we want
to express Christ's love to you with
genuine, heartfelt warmth. We're eager
to know you, and we're exited to share
with you the marvelous ways God is
working among the Church.

It wont take you long to
discover that this is truly a family, rich
in the relationships that matter most.
Growing together , we worship, we
serve, we laugh, we cry, we learn, and
we reach out to our world with life
transforming truth.

We reach out to you, as
well. Our doors are open. Our hearts
are open too. If you've been thinking,
praying, searching, and hoping for a
place to belong, we say,



Mission...............What we're about
Believe...............Our Beliefs, Bible truths
Contact..............Where we can be reached
Grace.................What makes being saved possible
Faith..................The tie that binds
Wisdom.............The real difference
Service..............The reason we're here

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contact us

Temple Church and Ministries

"Grace, Faith, Wisdom, and Service"
an assembly for believers on the move.

Contact Us

We receive encouragement when
we receive correspondence from our extended
family, whether you're a Christian or not,
we have a desire to share with you.
We believe God knows you and it is our
joy to be here for you.

Write Us:
Temple Church and Ministries
P.O. Box 2001
Willingboro New Jersey 08046


Minister J.E. Figueroa
can be reached by phone:
(609) 877-3709

We are a non-denominational, self governing, self supporting church, if you desire to help others, and you feel we can be of service, (through this web site, mailings of literature such as bibles and study materials) then we encourage you to send free will offerings to the address above. If you would like information about this ministry and church, or how to join us in our effort to help others, or on how to become ordained by this Church in order to begin working for the Church, we welcome your inquiries.
Thank You, and may the Lord bless you abundantly.
Rev. J.E. Figueroa

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Together We Can

It's never easy when you go through trials and tribulations, buts it's even harder when you try and go it all by yourself. Now you may have a reason for not going to a formal assembly,we know that nowadays it gets pretty confusing and it's dificult to know the who, what, where and why of it all, but thats no reason to not seek assistance. We do what we do because we love doing it, for our fellow men, women and children, but especially for ourselves and our desire to serve.If we can reach out to you lets make it mutual, keep your money we dont need it and we don't want it to be a stumbling block to our fellow humans in there desire to come to a relationship with God, all we want is to help...

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