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greg sealy outreach ministries

P o box 70053, • montgomery, AL 36104 • United States • 334-263-3238or 263-3306/see/charmin/CM05308

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God ordained ministry

Called at aged 7, evangelist Sealy answered the call at age 19 and has been in the ministry for the past 32 years. he has travelled extensively ministering in over 475 churches in 18 states, 3 Canadian provinces, England, Kenya, South Africa And through the Caribbean in revivals, conferences,seminars and in crusades.His ministry is bring Spiritual Awakening, Restoration, Edification, Healing,Salvation and Deliverance to the masses, many are beingv filled as the fire of God falls Upon Them....Holy Ghost Fire. He is the author of the book PLEASING GOD OUTSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE. He can also be reached at your chuch is looking for some one to preach an old fashioned Holy Ghost and Fire revival filled with the Love and Compassion of Jesus contact Brother Sealy.He and his wife Lynda have four children and serve as pastors at Sitting At His Feet Fellowship , Montgomery, Alabama,USA

A totally faith ministry

His is a faith ministry supported by those who are blessed through it,Through those who support it he is able to reach out and touch the masses. many wonderful testimonies are coming in of the effectiveness of his ministry..from pastors and members. Brother Sealy invites you to be his prayer partner and to join his Mailing List.

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