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Anglican Mission The House of Hope

Rua Campo Grande 18 Candeias, • Jaboato dos Guararapes, PE 54320-600 • Brazil • 81-34623121/see/charmin/CM05288

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We care about the poor children

The Anglican Mission The House of Hope is a organization trying to minimize the effects of poorness at the Carolinas Comunity, a large slum located at the ciuty of Jaboato dos Guararapes Northeast Brazil. This comunity suffer from the lack of extructure and support from the official governament. More then 10.000 people lives in this area in Shanty houses in a very poor situation. The comunity is not enough attended by health system, sewerage system and other basic structures. So the Mission is there to help those people giving them hope for their life. The hope comes also in terms of evangelization, we teach the Word of God, and a Sunday School for children is stablished and every Sunday morning over 50 kids has the chance to heard and learn the word Of God.

What do we Have , what do we hope to have

The Anglivan Mission THE HOUSE OF HOPE has the following services to the Carolinas Comunity: What we have at the Moment A Small Medical Clinic A Dental Clinic A day Care for 30 children between 0-5 years old A Sunday School A Preaching Point Professional courses What we Hope to have To purchase the House we are using A pre school as the governament do not provide pre school for the children till 7 years old A X ray machine for the dental clinic Sponsors who could help this ministry to reach out more families

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