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We are a Christian base non-profit Organization that is helping currently 600 Children in Haiti and we have so much demands and we have the obligations to do more for many other suffering Children. We are seeking help on all level, human resources, financial and technical supports. Remember the Children of haiti are severely suffering due to poor infrastructures, coruptions, illeteracy and malnutrition and it is up to us now to do something for them. I made my step and I am waiting for you to join forces with us and make a difference.


Today, the future is not promising at all for the children and youth of Haiti and this is the reason our mission is to mobilize international, financial and technical support for projects that will improve the living conditions of the children and youth throughout the island. The objectives to realize this goal include winning the souls, providing quality education, medical assistance, and socio-economic assistance to overcome poverty, as well as teaching the necessary skills for self-sufficiency. Our plan for Haiti is to establish housing for abandoned Children (Orphanage) Churches, medical centers, satellite clinics, vocational centers, several elementary and secondary schools, nutritional centers etc. We are currently helping 600 children within our Port-au-Prince location and we need your support in order to help many more Children. You may not be able to visit Haiti where "RPI" is doing its work, therefore we invite you to please consider taking a trip to Haiti. If you cannot travel, you can also volunteer or contribute financial support that will be used by those working in the field, who by feeding and educating the children and youth, Working on community projects, treating people in clinics etc. We would like to thank and welcome you aboard in helping us grow our organization. There is a great need for human resources and if you are willing to help make "RPI" a success, please feel free to call our telephone number or email us. Your help will make a difference in a Child's life PROJECTS EDUCATION Elementary & Secondary Professional orientation Guidance counseling Our Needs are: Teachers Volunteers Buildings School supplies Furniture, Computers Financial Contributions Food, Clothes, Shoes, Toys Typewriters, printers Educational Materials Small appliances VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS Carpentry Mechanic Secretarial Skills Nursing Skills Computer Training. Tailoring Masonry etc. Our needs are: Trainers Instructors Volunteers Mechanical equipment Tailoring Carpentry equipment Construction materials Masonry equipment HEALTH Malnutrition Immunization Typhoid Tuberculosis Hypertension Heart diseases HIV/AIDS prevention Drinking water etc. Our needs are: Medical Doctors Nurses Volunteers Medicines Medical supplies Medical Transportation Medical facilities Medical equipment RECREATION Indoor/Outdoor Physical development of the children Art & Craft Soccer Basketball Volleyball Other recreational activities Our needs are: Physical Trainers Volunteers Exercise equipment Art & Craft materials Basketball & volleyball Equipment Visit our web site at

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