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Tanner Romania Mission

com. Nicoresti, jud. Galati • Nicoresti, Galati 6319 • Romania • 036-867-185/see/charmin/CM05187

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Bruce & Sandie Tanner came to Nicoresti, Romania in 1991 after being called by God to care for the orphans housed in an institution. They sold their home and left Ohio with the intention to spend their lifetime with the children.

God has provided 3 group homes for the Tanners' to care for the 20 children/young adults who now live with them. The Tanners' worked at the orphanage for 3 yrs prior to building the group homes, they realized taking the children home with them was the only way to really save their lives.


Bruce and Sandie Tanner
Fon/fax 36-867-185  email

Tanner Mission was established in 1991 to care for the handicapped orphans in an institution in Nicoresti, Romania. Bruce and Sandie have committed their lives to the children there.

The mission is a legally registered foundation in Romania and is accredited by the Child Protection Committee of Romania.

At present the mission has 3 group homes, with a total of 20 orphans living in those homes. This spring the 4th group home will be built. The Tanners are now looking for a couple like themselves who feel called to this work. The new group home, "Casa Hannah" needs parents, there will be 10 children living in the home with their "new" parents.

The candidates for houseparents must be Christians and be willing to stay long term as house parents. Their housing, food and clothing (donated goods) will be provided. Cost of travel, health insurance etc. is to be paid by the volunteer.

If you would like more information regarding this mission, please write to the above address or use the email, we can then start the application process.

Thank you and God bless you for reading this request.

Sandie Tanner

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