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Latin church Planters of Puerto Rico

HC-02 Box 8093, • Guayanilla, Puerto Rico 00656 • Puerto Rico • 787-835-2114/see/charmin/CM05076

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Latin Church Planters of Puerto Rico

LCPof P.R. is an interdenominational organization created with the purpose to help Puertorican church planters with counseling, free church construction materials, church equipment and financial support. All donations of financial support and help will be accepted. send donations to: Latin Church Planters of Puerto Rico HC-02 Box 8093 Guayanilla,P.R.00656

Statement of Believe

We believe in the full verbal inspiration of the bible as originally given 2Tim.3:1. In the eternal;Godhead who has revealed himself as one God existing in three persons,the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit distinguished but invisible.Matthew 28:l9. That Christ died for our sins,was buried and rose again the third day and personally appeared to His diciples.ICor.15;1. In the bodily ascensionof Jesus Christ to heaven,His exaltation and His second coming for His Church. Jn.14:2,3 In the table of the Lord commonly called communion or Lord's Supper for believers Cor.11:28-32. That man was created in God's image, but because of sin, was alinated from God, and that we can be reconciliated to God only by accepting by faith God's gift of Salvation made possible by life,death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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