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Rave Ministries

1292 Emerald Lane, • Shakopee, MN 55379 • United States • (612)308-1850/see/charmin/CM05026

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What is Rave Ministries?

Rave Ministries was formed in Minnesota on a few visions. Two 18 year olds in the rave scene, who were ravers at the time, were freed from the bondage of drugs through the mercy and love of God. They both attended the same church, and they had a vision of being Dj's themselves. Christian Dj's, not a very common term, but they saw room for change. They saw a chance to reach those who are lost, just as they were. They invested time and money, to eventually become "DJ Prism" and "DJ Message". Together formed "The Prismessage".
Around the same time on the opposite side of the twin cities another couple of 18 year olds had a similar vision. These two weren't directly in the rave scene, one was previously involved in drugs and the lifestyle, and the other had a passion and a gift for music. They also invested time and money. eventually becoming "DJ Vine" and "DJ Phaze". Together they formed, "The Devoted Dj's".
Through miracles from God, these two groups found each other, and became a ministry, Rave Ministries. There are many other DJ's and "behind the scenes" people in the ministry. There are many more people to come, through Gods blessing on this ministry.

What is Rave Ministries Mission?

Our mission is to form a safe environment for people to dance to clean techno, and other dance music. At the same time, they will hear testimonies and learn of the one True Love they can experience through Jesus Christ. They will also have opportunity's to enter prayer rooms set up at our venues, for prayer and guidance. Mixed in the crowd of "ravers" at our raves are fellow christians to help spread the word, help plant seeds. Everyone hears of God and what he is doing in others lives. Either through the music or by the testimonies given at all events.
We as Rave Ministries play only Christian music, we also make our own music. The Holy Spirit is in control. The main reason there are no drugs or alcohol, is the conviction on people's hearts. They will see, and hear that Jesus loves them as is, and they can be forgiven and delivered from any influence.

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