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Trinidad & Tobago Jurisdiction

891 Caledonia Road, Lange Park • Chaguanas, Republic • Trinidad and Tobago • /see/charmin/CM04960

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Jurisdictional Overseer Victor Sandiford
District Supt. Ashton Cudjoe
District Supt. Julian DeCoteau
District Supt. Shurland Coggins

Women's Department

Jurisdictional Supervisor Mother Margaret Moore
District Missionary Mabel Barclay
District Missionary Cornelia Campbell
District Missionary Sandra Mitchell
Resident Supervisor Mother Ruby McDowell
Executive Board
Mrs. Mable Barclay
Mrs. Cornelia Campbell
Mrs. Sandra Mitchell
Mrs. Louise DeCoteau
Mrs. Susan Pope
Mrs. Cheryl Samlalsingh
Marshall Mrs. Karen Sandiford
Mother's Board Mother Hermaine Luke
Secretarial Staff
Ms. Sharon Mitchell - Personal Secretary
Mrs. Karen Sandiford - Corresponding Secretary
Supervisor's Special Assistant's
Ms. Chara Hoseinee & Mrs. Yvonne Archer
Pastor's & Minister's Wives Circle
Mrs. Louise DeCoteau - President

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