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A Time to Think Ministries

1311 N.W. 16th, • Oklahoma City, OK 73106 • United States • 405-524-5353/see/charmin/CM04959

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A time to Think ministries is a product of God. And only through God will it exist. Through me God is doing His work. I am Michael L. Wade a minister, member, and associate pastor of Galilee Temple full Gospel Church in Okla.City Part of the Independant Assemblies We believe in the trinity and that the Bible is the infallowable Word of God, and that Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life. To Him be the Glory.

A Time To Think Ministries

A collection of short stories for the Christian thinking mind. We are also a teaching ministry, avalable to teach in Churchs and for Church groups. Some of our teachings are and in depth study of the steps and meanings of cutting covenant as found in the Old Testament. A fresh look and wonderful teachings of the tabernacles of Moses, David, and of Solomons Temple. Others are on the names of God Prayer and many others. If interested in my teachings or in the book and my stories please contact me at

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