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Joshua Generation

826 Maury Avenue, • Oxon Hill, MD 20745 • United States • (301)839-1969/see/charmin/CM04885

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About Joshua Generation

Joshua Generation was started by Minister Brandon M. Spriggs Of New Chapel Baptist Church Of Camp Springs, Maryland. It was started so that the youth of America would be able to learn more about God and grow spiritually. Minister Spriggs believes that we are NOW living in the last and evil days before our Lord comes back. And in the last days God said He would pour out his Spirit upon all living flesh and sons and daughters will prophesy, old men will dream dreams, and young men will see visions. This is that age. This is the Generation that God told us about. Get ready for a outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all living flesh. In the book of Jeremiah, the first chapter and the fifth verse, God said that he knew Jeremiah "before he formed him in the belly". If you take that word back to it original hebrew, it says "Before I shaped you in the hollow place I know you." Its funny how God said know in the present tense when talking about something in the past tense. I interpret that to mean that Jeremiah was in existence before he was born. But how could this be? Well, the bible says that "in the beginning was the Word..." Jesus was the Word. His earthly body wasn't around yet, but He was there in the beginning. God only made one man from the soil, and from the one man came his wife and every other human being He saw no need t go back to the soil. Since the spirit never dies, Jesus, Jeremiah, and every other human being's spirit is alive and well, but just waiting for a body to get into! Hallelujah! These are the last days and I am secure in knowing that every battle from now on will be won because while this last generation was waiting for a body, God has been training us in hand to hand spiritual combat! Youth of America, get ready to win!

About Minister Brandon M. Spriggs

Minister Brandon M. Spriggs was born and raised in Maryland. Ever since he was a small boy he attended church service. He gave his life to God at the age of 8, and preached his first sermon at the age of 9. Minister Spriggs quickly began growing in grace. As he grew he developed a desire to teach. He began to teach sunday school, lead bible study, preach regularly and was awarded a certificate for outstanding teachers assistant. He graduated from the New Chapel Baptist Church School of Christian Education. He was licensed in November 2000 as a Baptist Minister.

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