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Second Chance Ministries, Inc.

24-26 Ferris Avenue, Suite 11, • Norwalk, CT 06856 • United States • 203-965-8315/see/charmin/CM04874

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Who we are:

We are a group that started out as prayer sisters. Every Monday through Friday morning at 5:30 the call begins. Every Saturday and Sunday morning at 6:30 the call begins. Sleepily, the call is answered and another call placed until all sisters are connected via telephone and spirit. Six bodies and souls, one body in Christ. As we wake up our minds and bodies, it is our pleasure to give our Father the first fruit of the day. We discuss the Bible and pray for people everywhere. At 6:45 Monday through Friday, we are signing off after spending this time in praise and worship with our Father and Lord. We are yet that group of praying sisters.

Extension to others:

Several years ago, one of our prayer sisters was unctionized by the Holy Spirit to organize a help program for people who were in need of a new view of life and a second chance at making life worthwhile. People who needed an infusion of self confidence and self worth into their spirit. People who needed a rebirth, spiritually and emotionally. She conducted sessions to help the emotionally down trottened. As time passed and we continued to come together each morning in prayer and bible study, we felt the leading our our Father to expand what our founder had already began. We felt the leading to extend to other the feeling of wholesomeness, spirit, soul and body. We thank our Father for giving our founder, Carol Diane Sydnor, the vision and the courage to answer the clarion call. We thank God our Father for including us in this vision and giving. We thank God our Father for including you in this vision. We are many bodies, we are still evolving, yet we are one in Christ and for the purpose of Christ. As the apostle Paul makes plain the us, in Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile, bond or free, male or female. We are one in Christ. To God be the glory for the things He has done.

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