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New Hope International Ministries

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Win Souls, Establish Believers,Train New Workers

NHIM is formed, first and foremost, to win the lost for the Kingdom of our God! We have dedicated national missionaries working in many towns and villages in India, reaching out to the unreached, winning many to the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. New believers are directed to the closest Bible-Believing Churches; But the need for new Churches & new pastors are fast emerging. New Hope Institute is a small Bible school, presently training 12 men for evangelism and pioneering,on a short term of six months.

Serving the Poor, the Needy and the Weak

NHIM is seeking help and resources to establish a centralized facility (orphanage) to house and serve a growing number of homeless and orphaned small children who desperately need help. This is an urgent need and, painfully, the number of these children grows faster than we can reach them! These Children need bed to sleep, food to eat, cloths to wear. They also need education, training and skills to make it to their own as they grow. This is just a tiny drop in this vast ocean of great need! We see enslaved and entrapped young men and women who cries out for freedom. We see addicted and abused men and women who cries out for a helping hand. we see families so poor and disadvataged. We see old and fragile witout any help.We witness pain, suffering and great need every day of our lives! They all need help! There are many dedicated men and women in the field and many supporters behind them. But the need is much greater. We are constantly seeking God's direction to make a small difference in someone's life by the love and Compassion of our God. We need your prayer! We will greatly appreciate all the support we can get. God bless you and make you a channel of His blessings. Amen!

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