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Power of the Holy Ghost Deliverance Ministries

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PHD Ministries Our Purpose and Mission

PHD Ministries was founded by Elder Dennis and Chantia Woods, in Chicago, IL in 1998. Our mission and goal is to Preach, to Reach and to Teach. We are committed to the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe in holy and sanctified living that exemplifies our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We believe that the bible is God's divinely inspired word, and that it is inerrant and infallible. PHD Ministries currently has three outreaches. 1) The Nursing Home Ministry, where Sunday morning worship services and visitations are conducted weekly. 2) PHD Prison Ministries. Biblical Correspondence study courses for incarcerated individuals. 3)The Homeless Shelter Outreach. Gospel Services conducted bi-monthly at Tabitha House Community Services.

PHD Ministries Books and Media

P.H.D. Books and Media Elder Dennis J. Woods is the author of two exciting books. Unlocking the Door: A Key to Biblical Prophecy. This book teaches the reader how to use biblical keys to unlock understanding concerning the futuristic prophecies of the bible. The second, due to be released in Spring/Summer 2001, is Counterfeit Charisma, a compelling examination that investigates the extent and reality of Satanic charisma that mimics the authentic gifts inspired by the Holy Spirit. This seductive anti-anointing is now operating in many local churches throughout the world.

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