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Programmes of the Wood World Missions

The Wood World Missions meet on the first Saturday of each month. VENUE: OASIS CHURCH 1-27 FORTESCUE ROAD COLLIERS WOOD LONDON SW19 . TIME OF MEETINGS: 6.30PM--9.30PM. ( REFRESHMENTS ARE PROVIDED ). DATES OF MEETINGS:3TH NOVEMBER AND 1st DECEMBER 2001 Christmas Party. We also meet every first Saturday of each month. Same time- same venue. NEAREST TUBE STATION: COLLIERS WOOD ( NORTHERN LINE ) BUSES, WHICH COME PASS COLLIERS WOOD STATION 219, 57 & 152 Tanzania and Ghana Trips 2001 and Next year itinerary trip to Chicago, Kenya,Uganda, Ghana and USA. We just came back from Tanzania and Ghana missions trips, God moved mightly. People got their healing signs and wonders happened and many, many more testimonies. If you need a prayer all just a talk, please feel free to call at any time.


The main founders of the Wood World Missions are God the Father, God the Son ( Jesus ) and God the Holy Spirit. The Co-Founders are : Rev. William Wood & Rev. Mercy Wood MAIN AIMS 1. Helping to meet the needs of Humanity Worldwide. 2. To Minister the Word of God as Itinerary Ministers. 3. To lias with other Ministers of God both in the U.K. and abroad. 4. To coodinate the collection and distribution of clothes, pens, books,stationary and other such items donated to the Wood World Missions.( Any Donations are welcome -- in money or items ) God bless. Help us to help others. Please help donate some money for shipping things to our Tanzania trip. May God bless you for all your support. We will be sending things to Ghana August and other Countries December2001 and beginning of Next year. If you feel the call of God in your life and you want to go on trips to Africa with us please feel free contact us. In Ghana you only need your Transportation and pocket money, free accomodation will be provided. Our next year trip will be August 2002.

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