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Pray Street Ministries

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Teens, Get Info/Safe, Impersonal Help For Abuse

This website is designed to provide safe, impersonal help and information so that you, or someone you know, who is being abused can investigate his/her options. Child abuse is WRONG and it should not continue. It is bad for an adult to be allowed to continue hurting a child. Let us paint you some pictures of what the different options for help would look like, and see if you'd like to see yourself in any of these pictures, before you even TALK to anyone personally. We do not track sources of website visits. This service is provided because WE CARE ABOUT YOU and want you to know you can look into help without any fear. THIS SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION - PLEASE BE PATIENT.

Safe Help Can Come In Many Forms

There are many directions safe help can go in. These include everything from arranging for counseling for troubled families in order to restore caring relationships, to getting out using COMPLETELY SAFE METHODS by trained professionals experienced in anticipating abuser's responses and using failsafe methods with backup safeties in place. Before any action is taken YOU will approve of it. We can give advice on how to GET advice safely (where to make a call from, how to conceal website visits, correspond on the internet safely, etc.) We can help you to check out where you would go BEFORE you have to go anywhere.

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