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SALEM VOICE (for Imam Gospel and Charities)

Salem Voice, Baseelia, Devalokam (P.O) • Kottayam, Kerala 686038 • India • 0091 481 573532

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IMAM Gospel and Charities of Salem Voice

What is IMAM?

Imam is a word which is generally well-known to the Muslim world and it means Priest. The Bible reveals a High Priest (Imam) who is holy, blameless, exalted above the heavens and able to save completely those who come to God through that Imam (High Priest), because He always lives to intercede for them (Heb 7:25-26). That Imam is Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Messiah means Christ or deliverer. Qu'ran repeatedly says that Jesus Christ is the Messiah of Allah (God). That one should obey Jesus Christ and keep duty to Allah is made clear in the Qur'an 3:50 and 43:61. Towrah and Zabur (i.e. Old Testament) also speak of this Messiah. It is recorded in the Holy Injil (i.e. New Testament) that salvation is found in no one else except Jesus Christ, for there is no other name under heaven given to man by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12). Here IMAM Gospel and Charities is a project of SALEM VOICE (Spiritual And Literary Ecumenical Mission), Which is a registered Society No.K.993, praying, reaching Gospel and doing charities among the Muslim Society and the others of those who do not know Jesus as their personal Savior and the power of Salvation. It is an Interdenominational, Ecumenical and Evangelistic Movement. Just as he believes in Qur'an, a Muslim also required believing three other sacred writings- the Towrah (the Law of Moses), the Zabur (the Psalms of David) and the Injil (the Gospel of Jesus Christ). It is the Holy Bible that contains all these three writings. But an account of the devil's evil influence, an erroneous notion came to stay in course of time among the Muslims that the Bible has been altered. But there is nothing recorded in the Qur'an to support this view. Not only that, there is clear injection given by Allah to Prophet Mohamed to clear all doubts that may arise by consulting Bible Scholars (Qur'an 10:94). Both the Qur'an and the Bible declare that whether the earth and heaven may pass away, the word of Allah shall not pass away. And to say that the Bible is an altered Book is an act against His word, and one that makes the holy and righteous God a liar. To dishonor the Book of God is to dishonor God. By doing so, they are inviting for themselves eternal punishment. In order to save the Muslims from this state of doom Imam Gospel and Charities through SALEM VOICE makes necessary prayers to the merciful God, through our Mediator and Savior Jesus Christ who gave Himself a ransom for the sins of the world. Through love and affection we are winning souls. We do charitable works among all type of people, but give preference on Muslims. We help the sick for treatment, making shelter for homeless, giving education for non-educated for both adults and children, bringing out of those who are alcoholics and drug-addicted at any cost, rehabilating those who are necked out from their homes because of faith (from non-christian background to christian faith)and other reasons etc. are we are involving as charitable works. Also it proclaims the Gospel of Salvation, publishing a monthly prayer bulletin in called SALEM VOICE since August 1997, which distributes freely, printing and distributing tracts and other literature, institution of Gospel libraries, conducting Gospel tours, organizing Gospel Campaigns, sending out missionaries, organizing retreats and conducting prayer fellowships are the major activities SALEM VOICE engaged in. The founder President of the SALEM VOICE is Mr. Sir Ciniraj Mohamed who was born and brought up in an ancient and orthodox Muslim family of India. While doing the university education he was addicted on drugs and lost peace. Friends advised to believe Jesus. He denied. But Jesus Himself showed how and why He redeems. Hence received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and attained Salvation. So persecutions began and very many times Lord saved him from death. Because of his stable faith some of his relatives also came to Jesus. Now his parents and brotheren also are on the path of accepting Christ as the Saviour of the world. He is the author of some books about the Holy Bible and the Glorious Koran, in Malayalam an Indian language. With the power of God Brother Ciniraj began to preach Gospel and became a well-known evangelist in India. By the grace of God he already preached before thousands of crowds. Mercy Ciniraj is wife and Besly Ciniraj (son of 11 years of old), Hepzy Ciniraj (daughter of 10 years of old) and Lesly Ciniraj (son of 5 years of old) are children. A good number of dedicated people are doing evangelistic and charitable works with SALEM VOICE. The Lords return is immanent. Dear Bretheren in Christ, we exhort you to love, pray and reach the Gospel of those who are ignorant of Salvation. That they may repent and believe the Gospel, before our Lord comes. Christ does not let anyone goes astray (II Pe 2:9). There is a huge expenditure for the work of Imam Gospel and Charities and the SALEM VOICE. We relay on God for all our needs. We desire and pray to have a retreat House where people come and stay with the Lord for minimum one weeks retreats, we need vehicles, a multi unit offset press to publish literature, musical instruments etc. We expect prayers and supports from the children of God. If the Spirit of Lord leads, you may contact him in the address of: Sir Ciniraj Mohamed, Salem Voice, Baseelia, Devalokam (P.O), Kottayam, Kerala, INDIA-686038

How to reach Muslims by Sir Ciniraj Mohamed

How to reach Muslims? (Sir Ciniraj Mohamed)

It is a known fact that the ministry among Muslims is a must and many attempts have been made to present Christ to them. But so far it is not easy to evangelise, because the muslim world has a totally wrong idea about Jesus. Even then trust in God that the Holy Spirit moves around the people and He will not let anyone goes astray, for God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. This is a true fact, especially among Muslims, for they too claim as they are the descendents of Abraham. And this is the time for a christian to be involved in the Intercessory Ministry Among Muslims. It is very important to consider Muslims as different groups before approaching them. 1. People who are ignorent about the salvation through faith in Christ. There are two types of people in this group and first may not have proper education both social and religion, but some ideas in the traditions. Second may be highly educated, dealing with their own official or personal affairs. 2. People who are completely hostile to Gospel and evangelisation of Islam, and create troubles even dare to commit murders, thinking that they will reach heaven by these actions. In fact, they are ignorent of the forebearing love of God as there is no indication of a loving God in the whole of Qur'an. This people will have little knowledge about the Qur'an and religon. About 75% of the total muslims belong to this group. Some political parties also will be supporting them to offense evangelisation. 3. People who have knowledge and desire to follow Christ but remain behind on account of fear of persecutions and hardships from their own people. 4. People who need strengthening by fellowship of love in the Spirit of Lord and knowledge through teaching in the Word of God. 5. People who are really saved but remain scattered because of marriage or seperation from their people. 6. People who are working among their own people and planting churches through very many obstacles. It seems to be helpful to suggest some solutions for the ministry among them. However, unless Father wants, no one comes to Jesus. So it is unavoidable to move without prayer, love, patience and real christian life. If not, the problem could be raised in the negative way and the evangelist himself might be discouraged. For the first type of first group, the evangelists must be broadminded personalities to have good companionship with them and make them to have companionship with committed Christians, especially with educated ones. And give them equal status and fellowship of affection. Generally they would not have had a wide personal contact with the educated people of their own community. So try to help them to grow with present situation and share the experiences and love of Christ. The second type of first group, who are educated, may not concentrate a missionary or evangelist to listen the Gospel. But conveying message to those people is not too difficult. They could be invited to attend as speakers or leaders of the charitable or social functions which sponsored and run by the evangelistic missions. Then continue the relationship for preparing them to accept Christ as their Saviour. Through social, cultural, medical, educational, scientifical and charitable activities and entertainments like movie, telefilm, drama etc. the evangelisation could be done among the people of group two. Actually taking and even seeing photographs are forebidden into the Islamic traditions. But the present Muslim world does not keep such kind of a law, but influenced on it. That is the reason Muslim actors and actresses growing the field of film, television and other medias. It is a common fact that the Muslims are the majority among the audiance to encourage the Muslim partakers. So considering to attract Muslim world to preach the Good News, it is good to keep up the communication through entertainment programmes. But Muslims should be the main partakers of the activities and their muslim name must be advertised broadly, that others may feel free to distinguish the contents, especially women. There are lot of possibilities among Muslim women to accept Christ, if they could listen the Gospel. Positively there is no other way to approach women except this. Remember, male evangelists should never visit muslim ladies alone, which will create troubles. Visit by female evangelists with some medical work might be useful. Work among group three and four is another task. Perhaps it may be wise to seperate them from their natives and accommodate them together in a particular place to grow in spiritual life also give missionary as well as job oriented basic training. It would be a great thing to make them stand on their own feet and do witness for Christ. There should not be any misunderstanding or partiality from others towords them. And consider that they left everything for the glory of God. Group five should be brought together to concentrate their experiences in faith and spiritual knowledge for evangelisation of muslims. Group six badly need prayers, supports and proper guidance to conduct fellowship meetings and establish churches. It is good for the muslim converts, evangelists among them, sponsers and the missionary leaders should come together in a while sharing their problems and experiences. When a soul comes to Christ , teach him to concentrate Christ alone rather blaming other denominations or christian wings. Otherwise it will make them disappointed. Of course the motive of evangelisation is winning souls for Christ If one has a deep burden to do ministry he must have an overconfidence to accustom with the situations. Let God may enable SALEM VOICE to do this great task. For that please pray and support as God says. Sir Ciniraj Mohamed, Salem Voice, Baseelia, Devalokam (P.O), Kottayam, Kerala, INDIA-686038

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