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Belize Independent Baptist Missions(Yo Creek)

Donna Murphy, General Delivery, Yo Creek Village • Orange Walk District, n/a 00000 • Belize • tele# 501332051/see/charmin/CM04569

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Where Is Belize?

I was asked this a lot when I was telling people about coming to Belize. So, get a map and look at Mexico,Southern Mexico. O.K., follow it all the way down to the Yucatan Penisula.(that's the fishhook)Belize is right under there. Guatemala borders it on the west,Honduras on the south, and the Caribbean Sea on the east. It Is the only English speaking country in Central America. However,most everyone still prefers to speak their native tongue, whether it is Spanish,Mayan,Chinese,Creole or English!!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Donna Murphy. As a member of the Rome Baptist Temple in Rome,Ga., I have been in Belize since March of 1998. For two years I was blessed to live with a Christian Belizean family, Rev.& Mrs. Arturo Mendez. It gave me a great insight on homelife, customs, and culture. " NEWS OF COMPASSION SCHOOL Ever wonder it would be like if in your child's classroom there was no electricty, no glass windows, a cement floor and two classrooms divided only by a blackboard? Well, this is what it is like at Compasion School. We have two teachers who are paid by the government. Here, the government feels that a teacher can teach 35-40 students. So, with only 66 students in the school, the government pays for two teachers. However, God has blessed us with a great church which pays for one volunteer teacher. The name of the church is Alpha y Omega Evangelical Iglesia. Presently, I now live in a small village called YO Creek. I am the only American in the village(I am learning Spanish now!). I am teaching at the Compassion Evangelical School, first grade. School will start again on the first Monday in September and the children and teachers are excited. Recently, we had the experience of tropical storm Chantal to visit and part of the roof of my classroom was torn off. The other day I went into my room to start the cleanup and preparation for the school year. As I opened my desk drawer, a family of rats had decided to take up residency. As I shooed them out (actually, they almost shooed me out of the classroom!), I then turned my attention to the tarantulas,frogs,and geekos(you know, the little lizards on the GEICO commerical). Life in Yo Creek is never dull! We are still in desperate need of ABEKA school books. If you have any used ones, (math, science, English, reading) you can send them here by BOOK RATE "M" BAG. Or if you would like to donate some money to help us buy some books, you may send that to: Rome Baptist Temple, P.O. Box 1023, Rome, Ga. 30162-1023. These children deserve to have a good education. Government does not supply books, teacher's supplies and books or anything. I think of Paul when he said, "And unto the Jew, I became a Jew." This is what I feel about Belize, in particular, Yo Creek. "And as unto a Belizean, I became a Belizean." I have ate with them, laughed and cried with them. Why? To become as they are; to understand their feelings. For over 6 months I had typhoid fever, it would come and go away. Why? To feel their sufferings. I've eaten iguana, armadillo, chicken feet ,pig tail, crocodile, and some things I haven't asked what it was. The typical missionary prayer? "Lord, bless this food and keep it down!" I've cried with them at the death of a loved one; why? to feel their agony. I've rejoiced with them at the birth of a new child; why? to feel their joy. If I don't live among them and associate with them, how can I feel what they feel? One friend told me, "Miss Donna, people are watching your every step. The catholics, 7th day adventists,and Mormons are watching to see if you make a mistake, the evangelicals are watching to see if you mean what you say. Your life is becoming your testimony." That is way it should be with all of us. Our life should be our testimony. It is all in the process of "gathering the kids for Jesus." Want to help? Have you ever thought of a short term mission trip? Or perhaps you would like "construction" work? We are presently trying to put a second floor on the school. Several groups have brought the money down to do their part. This is also an alternative. But the most important? PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! Pray for the children that God will work in their lives, pray for the teachers that we will allow the Holy spirit to shine through our lives to the children. Pray for Alpha y Omega church as we need a pastor. But most of all, pray that the nation of Belize will become a nation for Jesus Christ. One child at a time, one person at a time.

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