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Christ In You Ministries

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              Why does it seem my expectations of Christian living far out-weigh my

               Why do I fail over and over no matter how hard I strive to live a life
                               pleasing to the Lord?

                      Why does it seem like God is only real to other people?

    Why does it seem only others experience truly deep interaction with God?

                      How can I overcome the sin that so easily besets me?

   "Christ In You Ministries"  was established for the purpose of leading
   Christians into a successful, mature, and most importantly, an intimate
   relationship to Jesus Christ. Many of us don't know where to turn when sin
   overcomes our lives as Christians because we are burdened with
   condemnation and feel alienated from other Christians who appear to have
   a near flawless walk with the Lord. 

   As a ordained minister, my calling is to Christians, whether they have
   served the Lord a short time or all of their lives. My call is to you, to share
   the liberating truth that Christ lives in you. It is by "striving according to
   His power, that mightily works within me" that I share this wonderful and
   dynamic truth.

   This astounding truth is the key to overcoming sin and being able to move
   on in the Lord to a fixed, mature level that is stable and benefitial not
   only to you, but to others in your life. You'll learn how to become a
   "self-for-others" because the love of the Lord will well-up and flow over
   into the lives of others.  

   The Apostle Paul found the answer to all of these questions and other
   questions that press into the heart of every Christian. His message is
   directed to anyone who has ever struggled with sin in Romans chapter
   seven and eight.  Later he goes on to unveil the  mystery of success
   "which is Christ in You, hope of Glory"  in Colossians 1:27. In this simple
   scripture he unlocks the secret to successful Christian living. 

   Please take the time to e-mail us at the address below.
   Be sure and leave your mailing address and we will mail you our monthly 
   newsletter with practical applications for successful daily Christian living, 
   with no obligation to you.

We will be checking our e-mail every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
The "Christ In You" newsletter is sent out on the fifth of every month.

       God Bless You, and thank you for visiting this site!

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