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The Edward & Asia Simpson Foundation

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Completing The Great Commission For Our Fellow ma

This non-profit organization is my desire to honor the life and the Christian goals of the man who rescued me as a moments old infant tossed aside in a plastic bucket, who raised me with such love, sacrifice and example, that nearing sixty years of age I keenly desire to keep the promise I made as a seven-year old child at my Daddy's knee. We are funded by the sale of books by Star of Bethlehem Books, a Hebrew Christian publishing house specializing in fiction and religious non-fiction aimed at helping Moms and Dads share their faith while they share their child's world, helping to promote a keen interest in reading and the Bible for new Readers, and Books that reflect the strength of life inherent in living for the Mighty and Risen Savior. We are also setting up as a tax deductable organization with very specific goal, in giving back to the community in such a way that reflects true Christian charity and the reality of Jesus of Nazareth as the risen and glorious King of Kings.

How the funds will be distributed

The Book Divisions for Star of Bethlehem Press will each have its own charitable destinations. The Family books will help to support orphanages, families, and Home School parents.
The Teen Writing Division will go to help ministries dealing with teens needing spiritual and bibical answers to the questions they are dealing with for the first time in their lives,
The Adult Section includes a home for traveling missionaries and pastors through Western Washington State, Idaho (and such), setting up a Messianic Jewish Community Center with a "central" prayer room open to the movement and the Power of The Holy Spirit where HE can call people in need to those poeple to whom HE has given the power of righteous prayer and council, a place to pray at midnight if the Spirit moves, or a place to find someone who understands that we all fall short of the Glory of GOG and sometimes fall short of our own unrealistic expecations. A place to love, or laugh, or weep, or share...all under the power and the guidence of GOD the Holy Spirit. {With heated water nearby :) } and for supporting local Veterans through the VFW where a family can come to draw up to $500.00 a year to meet their needs.
In all things we have but one goal: to bring the word of Jesus (Y'shua's) Sacrifice, Ressurection, and unconditional love to a hurting world.

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