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Fish and Cross Ministries

P.O. Box 180171, • Arlington, TX 76096 • United States • 18772153553ext.6788/see/charmin/CM04557

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Statement of Faith (short version)

We believe that Christ was the Son of Man and was sent by the Heavenly Father to die on the cross to save us from certain death. (John 3:16-17) We believe in the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that Mary played and important part in the salvation process by giving birth to a Son named Jesus, and she is to be recognized, but not worshipped. We believe that sins against one another should be confessed to God and to another. We believe that there is only one perfect One among us, and that is Jesus, and that we are not to judge one another, but let God judge all on the Day of judgement. We believe that it is our duty as Christians to tell those who do not know Christ about Him. We believe that there will be a second coming during which Jesus will raise the dead from the graves and take those who believe in Him back to Heaven with Him and reign on earth forever. This is an abbeviated version. For the full version, please see our website at Or for more information, please e-mail us at God bless!

Purpose of Ministry

The purpose of Fish and Cross Ministries is to spread the Gospel all over the world and show unconditonal love. No human is perfect and one human does not have the right to judge another. (Luke 6:37; John 8:7). Fish and Cross Ministries is a worship based ministry with the foundation that praise of the Holy Father through song and prayer is the highest, most intimate form of worship, and leads to a closer relationship with Him. We encourage strong, solid relationships with the Father and with each other. No one is better than another. In God's eyes we are all equal. This earth is temporary, and therefore we must make the most of our time. This means sacrificing and sharing our Good News with the world, and love one another. "having loved those who were in the world, he now showed the fullest extent of His love." John 13:1b. Fish and Cross Ministries has many branches including a performing group called Three Nails and a Cross which will play for your chruch, organization, etc. for more information contact Fish and Cross Ministries at

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