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The Word Bible College

P.O. Box 29, • Colorado Springs, CO 80901 • United States • 719-447-9404/see/charmin/CM04541

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It is neccessary to examine the scriptures as such to know the will of God in providing those called of God to pursue a course of study of which makes full proof of their ministry or calling. Many have been hendered from doing this because, either of financial difficulty, or the time to spend in a Christian University or College Seminary. Nevertheless, The Word Bible College, offers a short term course of study that leads one to a Certificate of Ordination and license to practice their calling of God in Christ. "Freely you have received, freely you give" is embraced at WBC, knowing that it is God that ordains, and "His calling and gifts are without repentence". Therefore, WBC is blessed to give to those who are truly called of God to a ministry of leadership a course of study that enables those desiring to "make full proof of their ministry" without having to compromise with any legal or secular programs of study. Pray about us, then check us out. Thank you. May the word of God dwell richly in you. In Christ, forever. WBC

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