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As God called John to boldly proclaim Christ's First Coming. I have been called to be one of the voices to boldly proclaim His Second Coming! I have been in Full-Time Evangelism for over 22 years! I have preached in our Big Gospel Tent, on Radio, TV, Open Air, Churches, Halls and Auditoriums. The Anointing destroys the yoke! God called me, I was NOT raised in church, but in the occult. I repented when I heard the plan of salvation. I received the baptism of the HolyGhost and Fire soon afterward! I received many dreams and visions of the Lord! I obeyed my calling and "left All" to follow Jesus!

Make full proof of your ministry!

A true Prophet will bodly proclaim " Repent, Jesus Christ is coming soon!" his prophecies will come to pass!
Prophecies and their fulfillment in my ministry!
1) Hurricane Hugo several weks BEFORE it slammed into SC.
2) Tornadoes several weeks BEFORE they tore through Palm Bay Fla.
3) The Space Shuttle Disaster 24 hours BEFORE it blew up!
And many Signs, Wonders, Miracles. Many other prophecies fulfilled that were uttered by inspiration from the HolyGhost!

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