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YSUA Ministries

Full Gospel Church, 411 N. Buchanan Cir. #9 • Pacheco, CA 94553 • United States • 925-674-0321/see/charmin/CM04508

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God heals all our sickness and disease!

The #1 prayer request in Church (90%) is about physical problems! In these last days God has risen up Health Ministers to proclaim the good news to His Body= "You do NOT have to be SICK!" Daniel C. Docto, aka- "Doc", is a Health Minister called by God to educate the family of God on Divine Health. God has given us the Cure for Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Colds, Flus, Allergies, plus others!!!! If you need/ want to know the Biblical Truth about God's Health design for His Temple your Body then e-mail "Doc" at A.S.A.P.!!!! Remember this "IF You Ignore Your Health IT will go Away!!!!"

Christians turn to your Creator, NOT the World!

Is there something wrong with your Body; God's Temple? Sickness, Disease or Weight Control? Please Pray and ask God to enlighten you on His Divine Health Plan. Do NOT turn to the World's Fitness Plans, Sports Coaches, Weight Loss Programs or Medical Doctors; for NONE of them ask the Creator how to Heal His Creation!!!! There is a Biblical Divine Design to Health and the Family of God must turn to Him for the Wisdom of His Health!!!! Learn the Truth! Request the Truth! E-mail and learn from a Certified Health Minister!

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