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prayer and children vs.parents and morals

IF more families would spend their time together and in prayer then we would have a lot less crime,divorces,children on the streets.society today has left God out of children's lives and yet we wonder why we have children shooting children.we have parents sleeping with any and everyone while our children of today are watching.then we all wonder why children has no morals,no respect,no commitment,they have even been taught to disobey parents,teachers and all others in authority.the general public is what our children learn from,and when all they see divorce,sex,violence,drugs,alchohol,pornography,and they see it most at home.then why do we act so surprised when we see it in school and on the street??when we the parents,teachers,and counsel members decide to set the examples for our children.Then we can change america again.we can change our schools.we can even put morals back in our children!and they will put prayer back in the schools! with out prayer,withoutGod,how do we ever expect to see any change in our future or our children for our children is the future!!!!!!!!


IT looks sad to me when I see million dollar church's and poeple starving to death.I wonder is these types of church's the ones Jesus went into and destroyed.I wonder if all these big fancy church's would have bought food,clothing,shelters and schools instead of fancy buildings,gym's and other things that has no benifit how much better it would have been.when I see all this I have to ask,is this what Jesus destroyed and said you have turned my house into a den of theives!!Ialso have got to wonder if it is then what will it be like when he comes back?? when Jesus comes back and all these people has to give an account to him as to why they could spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on a building but they could not spend $20.00 on a sack of groceries.because they had to have it for their builing fund!I truly do wonder what Jesus will say about their building,their love,and compashion!!!!

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