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GLOBAL HANDS is a Ministry of YWAM - Youth With A Mission, an International Missionary Organization established in 135 countries and territories with 12.000 workers serving as permanent staff in 650 operating locations worldwide.

The GLOBAL HANDS Network is a dynamic part of God's plan in bringing the Gospel to all nations. The driving force behind our work is the desire to help missionaries from poor nations by given them the opportunity of also being part of the Great Commission taking the Gospel to all peoples all over the world.

The GLOBAL HANDS Network efforts are focused on supporting and encouraging missionaries from developing nations through mobilizing

- People, churches and organizations to

- Advocate and raise the logistical means and resources for

- Missionaries in need from undeveloped / developing nations worldwide.

The GLOBAL HANDS Network is a non-profit and non-denominational ministry committed to the holistic needs of missionaries originally from developing nations serving throughout the world.


The main purpose of this Network is to mobilize and raise awareness, support and encouragement through Christians, churches and organizations worldwide to pray and work together for the evangelization of the world through missionaries from developing countries already established worldwide. Our vision is to help missionaries so every tongue and nation of the world may experience the salvation in Christ Jesus.

It is also our goal that missionaries may be well positioned and suited to reach the nations for Christ and we believe that God is moving in the hearts of churches and Christians worldwide to encourage and empower missionaries from poor nations to reach the world with the Gospel. God is raising up a great army in the last days to accomplish His work and we are dedicated to creating a highly motivated and effective global network to help missionaries originally from poor countries.

GLOBAL HANDS vision is mainly focused in emergency occasions but we are not closed and limited as a ministry to other long-term situations. GLOBAL HANDS commits itself to be a servant by helping our brothers and sisters from poor nations in willing obedience to God, by loving subservience to the church, and by selfless ministry to grass-roots human need.


The GLOBAL HANDS individual membership scheme ensures individual people's sense of belonging to our movement. There are still places in the world that are closed to mission activity. Through your direct involvement and participation in prayer, resources and finances, we are able to help missionaries in need and give people of unreached areas of the world a chance of hearing the Gospel.

GLOBAL HANDS is a faith supported ministry. As a non-profit ministry, all our activities and needs are entirely funded by spontaneous offerings and donations from people, churches and organizations. We are also open to donations from foundations to provide for general funds, the Headquarters Office and special projects worldwide.

Since established in 1998, GLOBAL HANDS has assisted over 100 missionaries and ministries serving in more than 30 projects in 15 different countries. Through your gifts, prayer support, and contacts we will be able to discover and support more missionaries and ministries throughout the world and your assistance is vital in all of this.

This is certainly a real need that we cannot accomplish alone. GLOBAL HANDS campaigns cost only money to track down the facts, organize campaigns and keep the network members in touch. We don't charge for membership, but gifts of any size are welcome.

Maybe you can not give a large contribution, but we will be grateful to you regardless of the size of the gift. We are praying that God will raise a group of brothers who faithfully contribute to us every month with a regular amount according to their own ability.


Please feel completely free to contact us and direct any questions related to GLOBAL HANDS. Send an e-mail to or write to us at the address above and we will be glad to answer you.


Accounting Department - P.O. Box 3000 - Garden Valley - Tyler - TX - 75771-3000 - Tel.: 903 882 5591 - Fax.: 903 882 7673 - E-mail:

IMPORTANT: All checks should be made out to "YWAM" with a separate note requesting that YWAM make a donation to GLOBAL HANDS Network. All donations from the US are tax-deductible and channeled to us by our Accounting Department in USA.

And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 NIV

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